For Members

How do I Update My Profile?

Has your name or address changed? Take a few minutes to go to the national SGMP website, log in to access your profile and make any changed needed. 

Make sure you make this change in your SGMP profile and NOT your NCSGMP profile.  

How to Transfer a Membership 

Is someone in your organization taking over your SGMP membership? Click here to read over the details, and fill out the transfer form. There is a $25 transfer fee. 

Note: If you leave your organization but have an individual membership( meaning your organization did not reimburse you for your membership), then you can take your membership with you. If your organization paid for your membership then the membership stays with the organization and you must rejoin from your new place of employment. 

Time to Renew? 

If you have received a notice that it's time to renew your SGMP membership, it's easy. 
Navigate to, log into your SGMP account, there you can make any changes to your profile.